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Triple Bark Box

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Bean to Bar; Stone Ground; Single Estate Cocoa; Pure Couverture; Gluten Free; Palm oil-free

Our raw and earthy barks are inspired by the natural beauty of tree barks and use an eclectic mix of fruits, nuts, and flowers to create a wholesome and healthy experience. The sheer purity of ingredients generously used in each bark makes it a unique proposition for the eyes and the palate.

Product information 
Each box contains three types of chocolate barks with two offerings of 55% Dark Single Origin Ghana chocolate and one offering of Milk Chocolate
  • Crunchy Caramel & Roasted Almonds in 55% Dark Chocolate
  • Rose Petals and pistachio in 55%Dark Chocolate
  • Strawberry and Almonds in Milk Chocolate
  • Allergen Information - Made in a facility that handles dairy and nuts.
  • Net weight - 230g
  • Dimensions - 9.5 x 6.5 x 1(inches)
  • Shelf life - 4 months from the date of manufacturing.
This product does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or additives. Just chocolate in all its pureness. The way nature intended it to be!

We stick to the centuries old traditional chocolate making process which entails slow grinding of pure roasted cocoa beans in stone mélangers thereby accentuating the natural flavour notes of the cocoa while also maintaining its nutrient density. 

We sort our cacao beans to ensure that the purest quality goes into the process. Roasting and deshelling is the next phase, the end result of which is cocoa nibs. 

Stone grinding of roasted cacao nibs is a traditional and slow process, and usually takes about 36 hours, but is also the most critical and intuitive part of the chocolate making cycle as it helps define the final flavour notes and smoothness of the chocolate, to get you nothing but the perfect bar.

When will my order get delivered?

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Can I have my order delivered to me by the next day?

We plan our deliveries keeping a cycle of 72 hours. But mostly you get it by the next day. As these are chocolates, we have a contracted 24-36 hours delivery cycle with our Shipping partners. We need to plan for the previous days orders, execute them and then align for the current day orders, hence we need a cycle of 72 hours. In case of an urgent need, just write in to us on mentioning your Order Number and we’ll put this up on priority. We are prompt on our mails.

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What all destinations do you deliver?

We currently deliver to pin codes in Delhi NCR.

As our products are chocolates which need timely deliveries and in the current scenarios we are facing delay in deliveries, so we are at present not servicing areas beyond Delhi NCR. We will open this channel shortly!

Shipping Days

Our shipping days are Monday to Thursday, to avoid your chocolate being in transit over the weekend. Please note that local and national holidays may affect the delivery date / timeline of your order delivery. 

How is my order packed to ensure that don’t melt in transit?

We try to take the best effort to save this from happening, During summer months, all our orders are packaged in ice gels and further in insulated containers, so as to maintain the temperature during transit. Further, we ensure that the products are picked up and delivered within 24-36 hours. During winter months, we take a decision only after checking the temperatures.

However despite that we cannot guarantee that your chocolate won’t melt, specially during the hot summer days. 

What to do if your chocolate reaches you melted or soft?

Chocolate has a great shelf life and can be reset very easily. So just pop it back in the fridge for 30 mins or so and it should be fine. It may not have the same shape but it still tastes great and has a good shelf life.

Can I modify my order after placing it?

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