About Us

CARRA celebrates the nostalgia that flavours and aromas are capable of evoking within us. All our products are conceived with this thought.

Carra is synonymous with bean to bar chocolate

We are a craft chocolate brand based out of New Delhi. We make clean labelled, authentic bean to bar chocolates using only roasted cacao nibs and natural sweeteners. It might be interesting for you to know that dark chocolates are one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in the world and at Carra, we are on a mission to introduce you to the world of pure chocolate. 

Our chocolate making process

We stick to the centuries old traditional chocolate making process which entails slow grinding of pure roasted cocoa beans in stone mélangers thereby accentuating the natural flavour notes of the cocoa while also maintaining its nutrient density. 

We sort our cacao beans to ensure that the purest quality goes into the process. Roasting and deshelling is the next phase after which we get cocoa nibs. 
Stone grinding of roasted cacao nibs is a traditional and slow process, and usually takes about 36 hours, but is also the most critical and intuitive part of the chocolate making cycle as it helps define the final flavour notes and smoothness of the chocolate.